Steve Gibson (Director): Steve has been working as a producer and director since the dawn of time. He gets recognized quite often as "that guy who made those crappy public access shows" in the late 80s, "that guy who shot my wedding and/or Bar Mitzvah" in the early 90s, "that guy who did something with MTV" around '97, "that guy who worked with like 300 bands on that TV concert series" in the early 2000s, "that guy who has that company ( that sounds like Jurassic Park something" and "that guy that looks like Brad Pitt". In case you were wondering, one of these statements is not entirely true.

Joel 'DiG' DiGiacomo (Writer): Joel DiGiacomo, better known as DiG (soft G), received his first bad review at age 5 after writing on the living room wall. Since then, he has co-written (with Rob Maher) "Death and Reproduction" which won the Grand Jury Award for best short at the 72 Film Fest in 2006. Aside from spending too much time on MySpace, DiG is the monkey-in-chief of Typing Monkeys (

Dirk Parham (Production Designer): Dirk Parham has been involved in costuming, makeup and propwork for 12 years in various local dramatic productions, with an accent on horror.

Gus Soudah (Director of Photography): A native of no less than 5 different countries, Gus has made his mark in the Washington, DC area as a master of camera and lighting. For the past 12 years he has shot commercials, features, documentaries and music programs with contemporary style and euro-panache. His work has earned him an Emmy Award nod and countless girl's phone numbers. We think it's the accent.

Will Musser (Original Soundtrack): Will Musser’s creativity and passion for musical excellence are what push him to write his evocative and emotional music. Will has made the study of music and composition his full-time occupation and is finding new and exciting ways of composing for full length feature films, TV, games, and multimedia productions. Learn more about Will Musser and his music at

Joel DiGiacomo and Steve Gibson (Producers): Joel DiGiacomo and Steve Gibson collaborated on two seasons of the popular Startup Online Reality Series. Joel DiGiacomo was the series creator and executive producer, and Steve Gibson was producer and director of all online video segments.

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